Archipelago Multi-Strategy

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Archipelago Multi-Strategy (AMS) is a multi-strategy portfolio of hedge funds.

AMS draws from an extensive portfolio management expertise across multiple global investment strategies, sectors/regions/countries and all major asset classes.

AMS invests in select, diverse, individual hedge funds.

AMS objective is to offer long-term competitive returns at a lower level of risk than equities.

AMS seeks an average risk level of between 3 and 10 percent, measured as an annual standard deviation of monthly returns over a rolling twelve-month period.

AMS aims to have a relatively low correlation with returns from traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds and

AMS strives to achieve positive/absolute returns each year.



Anders Palmqvist

Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager

Prior to founding Archipelago Investments in 2014 Anders was CEO UBS Group Nordic Region. Anders is Head Portfolio Manager of Archipelago Asset Allocation and Archipelago Multi-Strategy. Anders spent 21 years at UBS after joining predecessor firm O’Connor & Associates / Arbitech in 1993. From 2003 to 2014 Anders was CEO and Country Head Nordic Region and spearheaded UBS Group’s strategy in the region across the Investment Bank (Equities, Prime Brokerage, Credit, Rates, FX and Capital Markets, IBD) and the Investment Management divisions UBS Wealth Management and UBS Asset Management. Since 2008 Anders was a member of UBS EMEA Management and appointed CEO of UBS Sweden in 2003 and promoted Managing Director in 2002. Between 1993 and 2003 Anders held various functions in Stockholm and London within the Equities division.

Anders holds a M.Sc. degree from Stockholm School of Economics with a major in Financial Economics (1993) and participated in The Wharton School, MBA Graduate International Exchange Program (1992). Anders attended the Swedish Infantry Officer Academy (InfOHS) in 1988/89.


Advisory Board

Thomas Gunnarsson

Member of Advisory Board

Thomas is former CEO/Director of ATP Alpha, an internal Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund of ATP. In this capacity Thomas was part of building and managing an award winning multi-$billion alpha operation at one of Europe’s largest Pension Funds.

Thomas joined the Danish Pension Fund ATP as a Portfolio Manager in 2004 and from 2006 to 2013 held the positions Chief Risk Officer, co-CIO, CFO and CEO of ATP Alpha. ATP Alpha was built to an organization of some 35 investment professionals and made up of 10 separate investment teams. From 2009 ATP Alpha was the Investment Advisor of Alpha One SICAV-FIS, a regulated and listed Luxembourg fund with $2bn NAV. In 2009 ATP Alpha was the recipient of IPE award for Hedge Fund Investing. Since 2016 Thomas is CFO at BankInvest, a leading asset manager and provider of investment funds in the Nordic region.

Thomas holds a M.Sc. degree from Stockholm School of Economics with a major in Financial Economics (1994).


Bo R Svensson

Member of Advisory Board

Bo brings 20+ years of global financial services and financial markets experience to Archipelago Investments’ Advisory Board.

Bo began his career in finance as a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company (1993), serving financial institutions globally in the areas of strategy and operations. He later joined Lehman Brothers Inc. (1997), in New York and Tokyo, as Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development covering the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since 2002, Bo has primarily focused on proprietary trading and investing based in New York.

Bo holds a M.Sc. degree from Stockholm School of Economics with dual majors in Economics and Finance (1993) and participated in The Wharton School, MBA Graduate International Exchange Program (1992).


Magnus Angenfelt

Chair of Advisory Board

Magnus brings a long and successful track-record as a Portfolio Manager to the Advisory Board.

Magnus experience include co-founder, CEO and CIO of the successful TMT focused Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund Manticore (2000-11) and financial analyst within the Global Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund Zenit (1998-00), both funds part of Brummer and Partners. Prior to joining the hedge fund industry Magnus was a highly ranked sell-side analyst at the leading local investment bank Alfred Berg (1992-98) and a journalist at the Swedish business magazine Affärsvärlden (1986-92). In 2013 Magnus published a book; “The World’s 99 Greatest Investors – The Secret of Success”, providing a brief résume of the investors investment philosophy and style and sharing their advice and insights garnered from at least 25 years of experience. The book contains about as many strategies as there are investors, and that is the moral of the book; the path to becoming a successful investor is not lined with miraculous universal formulas. Since 2015, Magnus is Portfolio Manager of an Equity Market Neutral Strategy.

Magnus holds a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University (1986). Magnus attended the Swedish Infantry Officer Academy (InfOHS) in 1981/82.



Advisory Board

The advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the portfolio management team. Unlike the Board of Directors, the advisory board does not have authority to vote on corporate matters or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities.

The advisory board members provide high-level advice and network in the industry and non-biased information and recommendations to the portfolio management team. The board has a good understanding of the business, market, external managers and industry trends and provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by the portfolio management team and provide unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view, encourage and support the exploration of new ideas and act as a resource for the company. The advisory board members are there to give focus to and sometimes challenge research and analytics work being done in the company, thus avoiding groupthink and giving direction on big picture issues. The primary function of the advisory board is to offer relevant input as regards idea generation and screening of new external managers.

Advisory board members have distinctive knowledge on different aspects of the industry and have the combination of appropriate skills that are of use to the portfolio managers and will help to propel the business. Meetings with advisory board members take place on a request basis and individually with the portfolio management team.




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