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Hedgefondveteranen: Lär av mästarna – plocka fyra favoriter

(Dagens Industri) – Hedgefondförvaltaren Magnus Angenfelt har synat 99 av världens bästa investerare i jakten på hemligheten bakom deras framgångar. Nu delar veteranen med sig av sina bästa investeringsråd och lyfter fram fyra favoriter på Stockholmsbörsen… FORTSÄTT LÄSA: Dagens Industri – Aktietips


A Fundamental Formula: Focus on Valuation

(HedgeNordic) – “Before this year’s stock market fall, the stock market has risen for more than ten years in a row,” says Angenfelt. “For a long time, we have expected a weather change in the stock market,” emphasizes the deep fundamental investor, who was a co-founder, CEO, CIO and portfolio manager of Brummer & Partners-backed Manticore during the 2000-2011 period… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


The World’s 99 Greatest Investors

(Investing by the Books by Redeye) – Magnus Angenfelt is a seasoned hedge fund manager and author of ‘The World’s 99 Greatest Investors’. Among many things, we discuss what we can learn from the best, the ideal conditions for an active investor, and how Magnus operates as a portfolio manager… KEEP READING: Investing by the Books by Redeye


I skuggan av Gladiators kollaps – hedgefonderna som rusat tvåsiffrigt

(Dagens Industri) – Bland hedgefonder med lägre risk som ändå skapat relativt hög avkastning i år märks exempelvis Cheolonia, plus 10 procent, samt QQM Equity Hedge, plus 8,3 procent… FORTSÄTT LÄSA: Dagens Industri


More to Come from Byggmax

(HedgeNordic) – “Old mistakes have been fixed by the new and highly skilled management team,” says Anders Palmqvist, the CEO and CIO of Archipelago Investments – which runs Chelonia Market Neutral… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


Aktietunga hedgefonder halvårets vinnare – ”det här har vi inte sett sedan 2009”

(Dagens Industri) – De svenska hedgefonderna har i snitt avkastat närmare 3 procent under det första halvåret. Vinnare är flera aktieinriktade fonder som rusat med 15-20 procent, medan en handfull förvaltare ligger på minus… FORTSÄTT LÄSA: Dagens Industri


Demystifying Short Selling

(HedgeNordic) – “Further, evolutionary trends, disruptive opportunities and threats impacting companies negatively play an important role when we short,” explains Angenfelt. “We believe it is easier to identify losers than winners, with potential winners often being too expensive,” he continues. “It is also less competitive as most long-only active managers primarily focus on winners. Passive funds obviously own everything in the index regardless of valuation and disruptive threats, and as a result, broken business models are often valued as business as usual. A rising tide lifts all boats,” argues Angenfelt… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic – Finding Alpha in Equities


Pangstart för hedgeveteranens doldisfond: ”Börsen är som ett smörgåsbord”

(Dagens Industri) – I ledningen för året, med tvåsiffrig avkastning, finns hedgefonder som Coeli, Prior & Nilsson samt veteranen Magnus Angenfelt med Chelonia… FORTSÄTT LÄSA: Dagens Industri – Aktietips


Ensuing Bidding War?

(HedgeNordic) – Chelonia Market Neutral’s fourth-largest holding is subject to a public takeover bid. On Thursday morning, Norway’s biggest bank DNB announced an agreement to buy its smaller peer Sbanken for a cash consideration of NOK 103.87 per share at a premium of about 30 percent over the closing price of NOK 80 on April 14. This represents the third takeover offer on Chelonia Market Neutral’s larger holdings over the past three years, besides Swedish healthcare company Capio and Danish telecom TDC… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


Winners and Losers from WFH Trend

(HedgeNordic) – Just like any other crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic will bring a new set of corporate winners and losers in the business world. Seasoned fund manager Magnus Angenfelt (pictured), who runs equity market-neutral hedge fund Chelonia Market Neutral, discusses some winners and losers of the pandemic on investment podcast Finansräven… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


One in Ten Nordic HF:s Among EuroHedge Award Finalists

(HedgeNordic) – The final list nominees for the EuroHedge Awards 2018 has been revealed, and as always, there are plenty of Nordic hedge funds among award contenders… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


More Nordic Names Among EuroHedge Awards Contenders

(HedgeNordic) – The updated list of nominees for the EuroHedge Awards 2018 features more Nordic hedge funds both in the initial collection of award categories and the new award categories. Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S and Chelonia Market Neutral will compete for the “New Fund of the Year” award… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


Nordic Hedge Fund Industry Keeps on Expanding

(HedgeNordic) – Five new hedge funds joined the Nordic Hedge Index (NHX) in September and October, bringing the total number of index constituents to 175. 26 hedge funds were added to the NHX year-to-date through October… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


Chelonia Market Neutral Joins the NHX:

(HedgeNordic) – Chelonia Market Neutral, an equity market-neutral hedge fund managed by seasoned fund manager Magnus Angenfelt, has joined the Nordic Hedge Index (NHX). The fund was launched in December of last year under the umbrella of Stockholm-based asset manager Nordic Archipelago Investments AB… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic


A New Category for Nordic Hedge Award: Rookie of the Year

(HedgeNordic) – The Jury will be composed of: Morten Mathiesen (Asgard), Anders Palmqvist (Archipelago Investments), Peter Warren (Warren Capital), Rolf Hagekrans (Merrant), Henrik Rhenman (Rhenman & Partners). Jury members will be guided in their evaluation through a set of questions and criteria to consider and translate into a point scoring model… KEEP READING: HedgeNordic