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Global Equity Long-Short Strategy

Investment strategy is based on Fundamental Equity Analysis where Evolutionary Trends plays an important role

Chelonia draws from an extensive equity portfolio management expertise with geographical focus on Nordic countries, Europe and the US

Chelonia targets a positive rate of return greater than the risk-free rate each year and independent from the direction of the equity market

Risk level between 4-10 percent measured as annual standard deviation of monthly returns over a rolling 12-month period

Investors in Chelonia should should have an investment horizon of minimum 3 years

Chelonia Market Neutral is an Alternative Investment Fund and does not comply with the provisions of the UCITS directive

Fund units may be marketed to both retail and professional investors in Sweden and professional investors in Finland, Norway and Netherlands.

Magnus Angenfelt

Portfolio Manager Chelonia Market Neutral




(TBA) Strategy



(TBA) Portfolio Manager


Fund Documents

Swedish / Dokumentation på svenska

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Chelonia MN – Förvaltaren ansöker om namnbyte och nya fondbestämmelser

Chelonia MN – Månadsuppdatering / Monthly update

Chelonia MN – FY2022 uppdatering / FY2022 update

Chelonia MN – Faktablad / PRIIP-KIID

Chelonia MN – Informationsbroschyr / Information Memo

Chelonia MN – Investera i Fonden




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